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I was asked by Darren Diletto of Hire and Illustrator to produce an illustration for an exhibition in London around the Author Jules Verne. He had done many early science fiction and fantasy books that have been loved throughout the ages. One of my favorite was the book 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I decided to capture an iconic image of the Submarine with a sea monster. To add a twist, I put trash and netting around the sea monster and ocean to bring the statement of man's environmental impact to the image. It brought the theme into a modern context. The piece was displayed at the ___ Gallery in London with other illustrators. Darren lovingly printed my digital file for the exhibit.

Evil VS Comic Trading Card Original Design Image
Social Media Post ad for Evil VS Trading Card Image

ABOVE LEFT: Original Illustration Idea; ABOVE RIGHT: Final Approved Concept Art for Trading Card Art

I was asked by Darren Dileto of Hire An Illustrator to submit a design for a trading card to be sold at a Comic Con in England. The theme was to create a villain and establish the villains characteristics and attributes which would be displayed on the back. I decided to focus on an authoritarian dictator ("DICK"-Tator) that represents the qualities of our worst leaders. I put cancerous tumors on his head as he is a cancerous nemesis. I also had him dodging "LOVE & COMPASSION BOMBS" which is his threat. I pushed the idea further by putting the words "HATE" on his head and making him a Facist Nazi. In the end Darren suggested that I take the Swastika out as not to offend anyone. I had a fun time making the illustration.

Concept Sketches for Evil VS trading Card Image

ABOVE: Original Concept Sketch Visual Board for Trading Card Art

Social Media Post ad for Evil VS Trading Card Image

The Creative Action Network contacted me to design a poster around an illustration that I had done for Amnesty International's UNITY Magazine. My illustration was a response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis at the time but is timeless to the struggle of asylum seekers due to displacement because of civil conflict or war. My parents family moved during the re-building of the Philippines after WWII and immigrated to the United States.

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