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In March of 2022, I decided to quit smoking. It was about 25 years since going to school at MICA (The Maryland Institute, College of Art). I had quit on and off since then but never successfully. But realizing that I planned to live longer and that I did not die young as my punk rock dream was, I found myself realizing that it was about time to quit. I also figured that it had been since 1996 since I did a large format painting. The last one being a 8 foot by 5 foot "Red Bunny" in a dessert with bombers above it. It was a reactive piece against the second Iraq war.

This time, I did not want to place any limits on subject matter and decided that I would like to just "Play" with color and paint. I started the painting with Sherwin William's Latex paint that I had used for a commission for Marc & Mary Archambault. Normally I'd start by smoking a pack of cigarettes before I even started painting. This time, with my nicotine patch and nicotine lozenge, I was able to spend 3 weeks embedded in the piece. In the end, I felt rejuvenated, relieved and excited to do more painting.

Anthony Foronda

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