Boardpusher Skateboard Design

I created a Skateboard Design for Boardpusher. This was a custom design created for my daughter Beatrice. It was advertised on Boardpusher's social media in May 2018.

Zenshinkan Dojo Threadless T-shirt Designs

I was asked by the Zenshinkan Dojo to create and design t-shirts to sell in their shop on Threadless. The shop will raise awareness of Zenshinkan Aikido Dojo located in Worcester, MA. All proceeds from sales go to Zenshinkan which is a non-profit.

Creative Action Network Refugee Poster

I was asked by the Creative Action Network to create a poster from the illustration "The Refugee" that I originally created for Amnesty International's Youth Magazine, AM-UNITY. The editor was Emily Williamson. The magazine is published out of Australia. I designed the poster and the phrase was developed by the Creative Action Network.

VIDA Women's Clothing & Accessories

I was asked to create pattern designs for the website VIDA out of San Francisco. We are still in the process of developing a line of women's clothing and accessories using patterns and illustrations. VIDA garment makers hand stitch all their clothing, use excellent printing processes for their fabric designs and work with world class artists to create one of a kind high end clothing.

Greeting Cards on Paperwoven App

I was asked to create greeting card designs for the app Paperwoven. Users can pick a greeting card design and add their own greetings within the app. Paperwoven will print the cards and mail them to the recipients on their behalf.

The Four Seasons Murals: Putnam, CT

I was asked by the Town of Putnam, CT's Arts Council to create murals for their First Friday Arts Festival in 2014. The digital / mixed media series was entitled the four seasons. Each 9 ft by 9 ft vinyl mural represented one of the seasons. The murals were on display for five months.