Mom....I want to be an illustrator!

Ever since I was a small child drawing on the walls of my parents house and finger painting on desks, I've always wanted to be in the arts. At 4 years old, my grandfather began teaching me how to play the piano. Because of his harsh criticism, I stopped.

In fourth grade, I picked up the saxophone because my older cousin who was the most dynamic, fun, and creative person I knew also played the saxophone. I learned that practice each day made you a better musician. When I had to decide where to go to college and start some resemblance of an adult life, I had a choice to go to music school. My grandfather told me not to go into music. He was a professional musician and knew it would be hard. So instead, I went to Art School. I received a scholarship so my mom couldn't say no.

Out of college, I had a long term vision. Just as I did learning to play the saxophone, I realized that it would take practice each day to become a successful illustrator. It took years of moonlighting as a freelancer and working as a graphic designer by day to finally work for myself. Each day was a step toward that goal. Each hour of drawing each day for years led to the only conclusion which was that I have become an illustrator.

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