An Attack on My Beliefs

I feel that it is my obligation as an illustrator, designer, and artist to address the growing tide of facism that is rearing its ugly head toward our country. Its attempts to divide us is disconcerting. I've traveled throughout Europe and Asia and even Central America. In my travels meeting strangers from other countries, I have realized that there are more similarities between us as humans than there are differences. I have come to learn that knowledge and experience sheds light to hatred, fear and ignorance. Our constitution enables basic human rights that are global. Everyone comes from the same family. Everyone wants the same things.

It is important now then ever to find the love and energy within ourselves to unite us. It is time to reach out to our neighbors and strangers and get to know them, understand their suffering, empathize with their situation, and bring compassion and love to ease their stress and tensions. This takes great courage and a deeper understanding of ourselves. It will enable us to understand our world and ourselves in context to it. We cannot allow ourselves to go backward. We need the faith to look toward a better future for ourselves and our children. Now is the time to act with courage.

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