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Mangkhut Relief Longboard


$45 of the sale of this board will go to Haiyan Relief

Product Details:

Deck Type: 7 1/8"

Cali 70's flashback shape with a pointed nose and tapered tail. Perfect for gyrating down the boardwalk and head dippin' tube rides under the palm trees. The best quality hard-rock maple and an unrivaled patent-pending printing process make this the best skateboard available in the world.

About the Design
designed by Anthony Foronda

Flipboard Old School

If you can teach a man to fish then he will never go hungry. If you can teach him to skate on this deck then he's one happy fan of Filipino culture. As you may know, I am a hybrid mostly Filipino-American and I made this board for all my compadres out there fighting the funk. I took the photograph of the fishermen on the beach in Ballesteros, Ilocos Norte, my mother's home town in 1997. All the profit from the sale of this board will go to Haiyan Relief Bands, a non-profit serving the Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines. Keep your heritage real.

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