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Evil VS Comic Trading Card Original Design Image
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ABOVE LEFT: Original Illustration Idea; ABOVE RIGHT: Final Approved Concept Art for Trading Card Art

I was asked by Darren Dileto of Hire An Illustrator to submit a design for a trading card to be sold at a Comic Con in England. The theme was to create a villain and establish the villains characteristics and attributes which would be displayed on the back. I decided to focus on an authoritarian dictator ("DICK"-Tator) that represents the qualities of our worst leaders. I put cancerous tumors on his head as he is a cancerous nemesis. I also had him dodging "LOVE & COMPASSION BOMBS" which is his threat. I pushed the idea further by putting the words "HATE" on his head and making him a Facist Nazi. In the end Darren suggested that I take the Swastika out as not to offend anyone. I had a fun time making the illustration.

Concept Sketches for Evil VS trading Card Image

ABOVE: Original Concept Sketch Visual Board for Trading Card Art

Social Media Post ad for Evil VS Trading Card Image

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